Successful Regional Transport 2016:
Making regional transport work

Macdonald Manchester
Hotel and Spa
10th November 2016

Successful Regional Transport 2016

Making regional transport work

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The transport sector is going through change. Local authorities and their private sector partners are considering new and dynamic ways to integrate transport delivery across a region or devolved area, to help produce improved social and economic benefits and better service delivery.

As a result of this, 38 proposals have been submitted to government for further devolved powers with transport at the heart of all of them. Alongside this, other types of regional collaboration, including new ways of working between Highways England, local authorities and private sector consultants and contractors, are beginning to emerge.

This means the way in which transport and highways services are being managed and delivered is changing rapidly. How do local authorities, and their partners entering these agreements, manage the delivery process to ensure the best possible outcomes for transport in the regions and across the wider network?

This one-day event will give local authorities an insight into how to make a success of regional transport, with the aim of boosting local economies as well as supporting more efficient and effective services. This includes finding new ways of empowering the user and redefining relationships between the public and private sectors.

The aim of the conference is to:

  • Consider in detail how we, as an industry, collectively take the transport element of devolution bids from proposal to delivery and how we manage the process.
  • Give you a better understanding of how to make a success of regional transport no matter what size local authority you are, through case studies, technical sessions, debates and discussions.  

Who should attend:

  • Directors and/or Assistant Directors of Environment or Place (or equivalent functions).
  • Heads of Transport and Highways.  
  • Those in the public or private sector leading devolution bids and those involved in the process in a transport role or similar  
  • Transport planners and designers. 
  • Specialist transport, traffic and highways engineers or managers in the public and private sector.
  • Heads of organisations involved in the delivery or management of local and/or regional transport schemes.

Why you should attend:

  • Learn how to make a success of the devolution process and raise standards of transport delivery regionally and across the UK as a result
  • Hear how to deliver successful regional transport projects no matter what size authority or organisation you are, as well as consider how we best fund them and ‘gear-up’ for a change in responsibilities and powers.
  • Debate and discuss the benefits of regional transport delivery.
  • Improve your knowledge of how you effectively communicate and work with other parties including Highways England, Local Enterprise Partnerships and private sector consultants and contractors. How do we ensure all parties benefit from the new arrangements under devolution and/or regional transport?
  • Consider what are realistic timescales for implementation. What are the best delivery models for schemes and how should transport be managed under a combined authority or devolution proposal?  
  • Take in advice on how technology and new concepts and services can help us. How can we make better use of data and use it to implement new ideas on the network? How can we make better use of our existing assets while at the same time introducing new concepts such as smart cities?